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Land Exit Survey: Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square

Poop is raining from the ceiling and infiltrating our Land Exit Survey series, as we move to Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. Whether or not the color of the street in the land is supposed to recreate a bygone eras questionable hygienic practices is up for debate but what isn’t is that Magic Kingdom’s smallest land packs a punch in terms of theme and entertainment. In this post, we’ll break down Liberty Square’s offerings and give some takes on the quality of the land.

Haunted Mansion MK

Theme parks are made up of sub-sections, generally called lands. Many of these lands are spectacular, some are far from it. In this series, we cover individual lands one post at a time and answer some questions about them. While this isn’t quite the deep dive into lands that we’ve done before, I’ll provide the basic information about the land as well as my opinion on a few questions. We’ll also use these posts to talk about theme throughout the area and within the park. All of the posts in this series will use close to the same questions. Let us know in the comments if there are questions that we should add!

So far we’ve covered:

This time around we’ll travel back to the Colonial era and check out Liberty Square in all of its 18th and 19th century glory. Let’s get to it before I reconsider the poop opening for a Hamilton parody!

What is your short(ish) review of Liberty Square?

Liberty Square is Magic Kingdom’s answer to Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. While the attraction lineup might not measure up, the detailing and ambiance make this one of the most well designed lands in the park.

River Bend boat MK

What’s in the land?

The small footprint of the land still fits in an impressive amount of things to do.

  • Haunted Mansion – The iconic, ghost-filled house is a little longer than the original Disneyland version and the facade fits the (New York) colonial era.
  • The Hall of Presidents – An animatronic show featuring figures of all the American presidents.
  • Liberty Square Riverboat – Take a trip around the river on the Liberty Belle.
  • Liberty Tree Tavern – A table-service restaurant with a colonial theme, serving all-you-can-eat turkey, ham and more.
  • Columbia Harbor House – This quick-service spot offers fish and other fried options.
  • Sleepy Hollow Refreshments – Home to the waffles! Some are sweet, some are savory. There’s corn dogs here, as well.
  • Liberty Square Market – A quick place to grab some fruit and other items.
  • Memento Mori – A Haunted Mansion gift shop, filled with souvenirs inspired by the next door attraction.
  • Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe – For all of the Christmas lovers, this one is open year around and has a wide assortment of ornaments and other goods!
  • Liberty Square Parasol Cart – I think there are some umbrellas here?
  • Liberty Square Portrait Gallery – A little spot where you can get a caricature of yourself (or someone else) drawn.
Columbia Harbor House painting MK

What is Liberty Square’s backstory and theme?

Liberty Square is unique in that it was one of Magic Kingdom’s original lands in 1971 and all of the attractions are the same, albeit a name change on the riverboat. Being built after Disneyland, Imagineers were even more ambitious with the design and concept. Going from the European design of Fantasyland into Liberty Square’s Haunted Mansion will have guests travel across the Atlantic into the late 1700’s design of colonial America. Moving farther into the land will see time progress, seen through the architecture style. This also signifies heading west from the east coast and toward the late 19th century styled Frontierland.

Along with that concept, there are many nods to American history including a replica of the Liberty Bell made from the mold of the actual Liberty Bell! There are nods to the original 13 states (colonies) throughout Liberty Square, including flags and lanterns in the Liberty Tree. Finally, there’s the whole brown pavement bit that I briefly addressed in the opening of this post. It’s said that the brown pavement was meant to represent human waste since there was no plumbing (there aren’t actually any restrooms in the land outside of one in the table-service spot for diners) at that time. That theory has been mostly debunked and is instead a tribute to the cobblestone roads of that time. Still, if you want to go with the poop thing, I won’t say you’re full of… crap.

What is your favorite part of the land? What’s the most memorable aspect of it?

It’s hard to choose anything besides Haunted Mansion. That attraction is superb, with enveloping story and some of the most iconic theme park characters ever created. Magic Kingdom gets the longer version of the ride and it really plays in its favor. The outside looks far different from Disneyland’s version and maybe isn’t quite as mesmerizing, but the inside is Imagineering at their very best.

Haunted Mansion creepy MK

If I had to pick something a little less obvious, I would choose the transitioning throughout the land both in backstory and between lands.

Are there parts of Liberty Square that you don’t like?

I don’t like that they took Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History away from us. The show was full of character and very charming, adding life to the area. Hall of Presidents is also showing some of its age lately.

Fozzie yelling Muppets Present MK

How does the land coincide and transition with the rest of the park? Does Liberty Square make the park better or worse?

I’ve already covered this a little bit in the backstory section but the answer is that the land transitions exceptionally well with Fantasyland and Frontierland. While I have my issues with Magic Kingdom as a whole, this section of the park is exceptional and so well thought out. Liberty Square certainly makes Magic Kingdom a better park.

Where would you rank the land in relation to the others in the park?

Frontierland wins out thanks to a few more iconic attractions and some beautiful views but I’d put Liberty Square as my second favorite land in Magic Kingdom, well ahead of every other land.

Liberty Square lanterns MK night

What do you think of Liberty Square?Let us know, along with any questions you might have, in the comments below! If you are planning a trip to Disney World, then check out our guide. Looking for Walt Disney World tickets? Check out this site. If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends, as well as like our social media pages. You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email. You can do all of that on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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