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Where to Watch the Fireworks From at Disneyland

There’s no sweeter way to top off a full day at Disneyland than with fireworks. Some, ahem Disney, would call it magical. I prefer to think of it as the emotional finale to a day filled with action and adventure. Whatever you think of it as, there are a variety of options on where to watch them from. In this post we’ll cover, from the obvious to less so, where you can watch Disneyland fireworks.

In recent years, nighttime spectaculars have become even more involved with projection mapping coming to the forefront of the show. Not only does the castle feature projections but other icons do, as well. That makes seeing the fireworks elsewhere a viable option.

Halloween Screams DL

Obviously, part of the nighttime spectacular allure is seeing it with masses of people surrounding you. Some people love this, other people would avoid it at all costs. There is more excitement in seeing it this way and we take that into account. But for those that don’t want the trouble of saving spots and crowding into spaces, there are other options! We’ll try to take care of everyone in this post. Let’s get to it!

Main Street and the Hub

Let’s start with the most obvious, as watching the fireworks explode behind the castle is what dreams are made of. Furthermore, this is the best place to see projections at Disneyland as the castle features the most intricate detailing and Main Street expansively lights up. There’s a reason why the masses watch the show from here, because it’s the best spot. Again, measuring it against how much you want to watch it with crowds and waiting ahead of time is the real key.

Because of both the Main Street projections and fireworks by the castle, picking a spot to stand in this area is a little difficult. We have narrowed our favorite spots down to three. Our favorite is right in front of the castle. It seems obvious but that’s not the case in Magic Kingdom. Disneyland’s castle is small enough (in height, not in heart) that seeing the pyro behind it isn’t a problem. You will have to show up fairly early for this spot, likely an hour ahead of showtime on most nights and then move towards the middle as people stand. Ultimately, this is the best spot for photography and fireworks.

DL Halloween Screams blue red fireworks

Moving back down Main Street, in line with Refreshment Corner and Plaza Point would be our next pick of where to stay. This is the best spot to see projections on Main Street while getting a good view of the castle and fireworks. We’re trying to swing for the best of both worlds here. You’ll have a little bit of room to turn and see the projections behind you while keeping the intimacy of the fireworks in the hub.

Finally, for a full and less crowded view, we recommend town square. There will be room to move around and find the best spot unless it’s an incredibly crowded night. I prefer standing right in front of the flag pole. Standing at the train station is also a fun and interesting option.

it’s a small world

Everyone’s favorite attraction song doubles as a wonderful place to watch the fireworks. The iconic facade of Small World has the show projecting onto it. This is also the closest point in the park you can get to watch the fireworks, as most of them launch near Toontown.

IASW fireworks DL

There won’t be nearly as many people back here but it does fill up slightly. If it does seem full, go up on the sidewalk on the right, walk down the walkway past the people and down the stairs. There should be room to sit and watch the show on the right side of all of the people. Overall, we like this spot and it’s the most engaging of the alternative Main Street options.

Rivers of America

Typically, Disney will cast the projections of the show onto a water screen along the Rivers of America. The upside here is the total lack of people among a wealth of spots. That’s assuming that Fantasmic isn’t showing when you see it. This spot’s downside is that some of the seating doesn’t face the fireworks. To avoid this, sit closer to the Haunted Mansion along the river. Ultimately, we like the previous two spots more than this one but it is very easy to walk up and get a spot during the show here.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Maybe the most unique spot in the park to watch fireworks is with the Millennium Falcon in the foreground. The show is almost a little bit eerie while watching from here as there is no music, just the sounds from the pyrotechnics. No projections are shown either. You won’t get a normal viewing of the fireworks but it is unique and interesting!

SWGE fireworks DL

From the Rides!

Maybe your time is limited and you’re more of a ride person than you are a show person! You could possibly accomplish both if you pick the right attraction. Now, this will take some impressive timing and a little bit of luck but seeing the fireworks while soaring through the sky is quite a thrill. The best attractions to pull this off on are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Astro Orbiter, Matterhorn Bobsleds and Dumbo.

BTMR train explosion DL


Finally, for a spot outside of the park, you could catch the fireworks from the area between Disneyland and California Adventure. Guests often line up in this spot and take a seat in advance of the show but there’s so much room that it won’t get crowded. The blasts will show up right above the train station. Unfortunately, the show’s music isn’t generally piped in but it does offer an interesting, and free(!), alternative to inside of the park!

Where do you like to watch the fireworks from inside of Disneyland? Let us know, along with any questions you might have, in the comments below! Planning a trip to Disneyland? Check out our planning guide to help you out along the way. If you enjoy what you’re reading here on Wandering in Disney please subscribe to the blog and like our Facebook page. You can find both of those on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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