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Our Favorite Restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort

Traveling to Japan can be frightening at first blush. There are many unknowns that come with traveling to a foreign country, chief among them is the food you’ll find along the way. For those that are traveling to Tokyo Disney Resort (or Japan in general), don’t worry! Most of the food throughout the country is mild and full of flavor. Tokyo Disney Resort specifically has many restaurants that offer a variety of different foods. In this post, we’ll cover our favorite places to eat in in the resort’s two parks.

With Disneyland and Walt Disney World we broke down the restaurants into counter-service and table-service, then ranked all of the places we’ve dined. Over time we plan to do that at Tokyo Disney Resort, as well. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to dine at enough places to make that post worth while yet. Instead we’ll just stick to a few favorites.

Captain Galley's seafood pizza TDL

Frankly, we enjoyed nearly every meal we had at Tokyo Disney Resort. Choosing a few favorites was a tough task. I didn’t include Teddy Roosevelt Lounge since we didn’t try any food there but we couldn’t recommend visiting that lounge enough. At the end of the post, I’ve added a list of restaurants I’m excited to try on future trips. To read more about each restaurant listed below, just click on the name to get to the review. Let’s get to the list!

Magellan’s (TDS)

We’ll start with the crown jewel of Tokyo Disney Resort’s dining. Magellan’s is a table-service restaurant at the base of Mount Prometheus, DisneySea’s icon. The restaurant is marvelously themed and absolutely beautiful. On top of that, the food is excellent and at a decent price. Magellan’s is the best themed Disney restaurant that I’ve been to and is an essential experience at DisneySea.

Magellan's globe main room from bottom TDS

China Voyager (TDL)

Tokyo Disneyland has an excellent array of counter-service restaurants, my favorite of which is China Voyager. The restaurant serves a variety of ramen dishes as well as a few other options. Along with the delicious and affordable food, the details throughout the restaurant are great. China Voyager is in a boathouse and has a fun backstory. Even though the restaurant gets very busy, it feels intimate and has a variety of rooms to sit in.

China Voyager outside TDL

Vulcania (TDS)

Sticking with the counter-service restaurants, Vulcania has best atmosphere of any quick-service Disney restaurant. Vulcania sits inside of DisneySea’s icon, Mount Prometheus. The rock work is gorgeous, the restaurant lights flicker and it sounds like Vulcania rumbles from time to time. As far as the food goes, you can get Chinese food here. The options are, again, very affordable and delicious. Come for the atmosphere, stay for the food.

Vulcania sign TDS

Hungry Bear Restaurant (TDL)

Hungry Bear Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland’s Westernland sits right beside Country Bear Jamboree and pays homage to the attraction. That alone gets it on this list. There are several different rooms to eat in, each with fun details to explore. Hungry Bear serves Japanese Curry, which is very mild and similar to a stew. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and thought it was a great way to try something new.

Hungry Bear Restaurant entrance TDL

Ristorante di Canaletto (TDS)

Back to a table-service restaurant, Ristorante di Canaletto resides in DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor. If outdoor seating is open, we recommend that as the view looking over the canal is incredible. Eating inside is far from a disappointment though, Ristorante di Canaletto is beautiful with high ceilings and gorgeous murals. The restaurant serves Italian food, specializing in pizza and pasta. We enjoyed the meal, found it affordable and a beautiful place to eat.

Margherita pizza Ristorante di Canaletto TDS

Captain Hook’s Galley (TDL)

Last but not least is my favorite place to get a snack or a light meal at Tokyo Disney Resort. Captain Hook’s Galley serves pizza, more specifically, Seafood Pizza. It may sound odd but it’s absolutely delicious. The pizza has a standard crust and red sauce but there’s a variety of seafood on top of the melted cheese. It’s a unique and delicious snack at a low cost. Captain Hook’s Galley itself isn’t a great setting like everywhere else on this list but the food is fantastic and a fun snack to try.

There are several other restaurants I could include in this list. Zambini Brothers Ristorante (TDS) and Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall (TDL) are both great choices for different reasons. All in all, there are a number of quality dining choices at both Tokyo Disney Parks.

Inside Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall TDL

Restaurants I’m excited to try!

Great American Waffle Co. (TDL) – A waffle counter-service spot in World Bazaar.
Restaurant Hokusai (TDL) – Also in World Bazaar, this restaurant specializes in Japanese food.
Grandma Sara’s Kitchen (TDL) – The food doesn’t look great here but the Splash Mountain theme does.
Casbah Food Court (TDS) – In the Arabian Coast, this restaurant houses several different curries.
Restaurant Sakura (TDS) – A table-service restaurant themed as a New York spot for Japanese immigrants.

Do you have any favorite Tokyo Disney restaurants? Let us know, along with any questions you might have, in the comments below. Planning a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort? Check out our planning guide to help you along the way. If you enjoy what you’re reading here on Wandering in Disney then please subscribe to the blog via email or WordPress and like our social media accounts. You can find all of those on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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