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Avoiding the Lines – Animal Kingdom

There comes a point in a full theme park day where you just don’t want to wait anymore. Feet are throbbing, the sweat has had time to dry twice over and all of the phone games have become half as interesting as they were when the day started. Usually this happens in mid-afternoon when the sun is the hottest and the lines are the longest but the longing for no lines can strike at anytime! In this new series, we’ll talk about our favorite attractions that have next to no line regardless of the time. After starting with Magic KingdomEpcot and Hollywood Studios, we’ll move on to Animal Kingdom today!

Not to confuse anyone, this series isn’t about the best time to go on popular rides. Refer to our itineraries for that! This post is dedicated to attractions that don’t really ever have a line, outside of waiting for loading or the next show to start. Does that mean there will be a few listed that aren’t exactly the highest quality? No doubt about it! But others are certainly hidden gems. I’ll be putting my favorites of what’s listed at the top before working our way down to ‘rides that have no lines because they are terrible’.

Meerkat Gorilla falls trail AK

If it’s at the bottom of the list, the worst rides still provide a time to sit in some air conditioning. Your mileage may vary on what’s a good ride and what’s not, don’t just take our word for it. Heck, people actually liked Primeval Whirl before it was torn down and now sitting somewhere in a landfill! RIP to that twisty coaster.

Moving this series from Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom, we run into the same issue with there being a lack of attractions and shows. Part of Animal Kingdom’s beauty and brilliance is in simply walking around. I guess that makes the whole park fit the list? That feels like cheating though. Even with a more relaxed setting and slightly different ethos than other theme parks, Animal Kingdom could really use more to do. A few more attractions would help spread the crowds around and give us more options on this list.

Lantern wall AK

Where does that leave us for now? With a smaller list, largely filled with interactive experiences. Some narrowly missed the list, like It’s Tough to be a Bug! because there have been times when I’ve seen the wait around 30 minutes. There are a number of shows at the park but some of them take effort to see, namely Festival of the Lion King which is absolutely a must do but will can require some waiting. Finding Nemo: The Big Blue… and Beyond! is in a similar boat in that there just aren’t enough showtimes where I felt like I could include it. It needs a bigger boat? Sorry.

That’s what almost made the list, let’s get to what actually did!

Maharajah Jungle Trek

This remains one of my favorite attractions in the park, a must do whether you’re looking for an attraction without a line or not. Maharajah Jungle Trek is one of the parts of Animal Kingdom that feels like you’re in a zoo, being a walkthrough exhibit with many different animals including tigers, water buffalo, a beautiful aviary and much more. On top of that, the architecture and story told through murals in this attraction is artfully done. A few of my favorite views in the entire park are in Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Maharajah Jungle Trek flags tiger river mural AK

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Putting Animal Kingdom’s two walkthrough attractions at the top of the list isn’t a surprise. Maharajah is my obvious favorite but Gorilla Falls Trail is beautiful too. Culminating in a lovely gorilla habitat filled with waterfalls, guests also encounter meerkats, zebras and much more. These two walkthroughs are great to do if you don’t want to wait in line and need a little break from all of the people.

Gorilla walking gorilla falls AK

Feathered Friends in Flight

Feathered Friends in Flight is a show about birds! That’s really about it. Some take flight, some are showcased with a handler, others just look pretty. It’s a decent show that isn’t hard to stumble upon. The reason I included this show and not others on this list is because there’s hardly ever a wait here. If you walk by and it’s about to begin, go enjoy the show!

Bald Eagle AK

The Boneyard

This one is a little bit age specific unless you have no shame. The Boneyard is a playground in DinoLand that is themed to an archaeological dig site. There are plenty of different activities and layers to explore here, although spending a good amount of time on a cool jungle gym might be frowned upon if you don’t have kids. Still, stop in and check it out. If you do have kids with you, grab a drink and take a seat while they play. Better yet, follow them around and enjoy!

Dino Institute sign Dinosaur AK

Wildlife Express Train and Conservation Station

I included both the train and where the train is going. The Wildlife Express Train is a pleasant ride and will show guests some of the backstage areas in Animal Kingdom. Once in a while this can have a very short wait but usually the train is a walk-on. The train lets out at Conservation Station where guests can take an animation class, check out a petting zoo or see some of methods used to rehab endangered animals. I’m lukewarm on the whole experience as it won’t leave you waiting in line but does take up a chunk of the day.

TriceraTop Spin

Well, I thought I should include a ride… This spinner does have a wait every now and then even though you should absolutely not wait for it. I like dinosaurs flying as much as anyone but this isn’t great. Go ahead and ride it if it doesn’t have a line and you want to spend 2 minutes of your life soaring on top of a tubby dino. When I put it like that, I guess everyone should ride this!

Dino AK Dinoland

Where are your favorite places in Animal Kingdom without a line? Let us know in the comments below! Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Check out our planning guide for help! If you enjoy what you’re reading here on Wandering in Disney, please subscribe to the blog and like our social media pages. You can do both of those things on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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