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Darrell’s Week Takeover: Ranking the Walt Disney World Hot Dogs

This week on Wandering in Disney, Darrell (of the Wandering in Disney Podcast and guest posting fame) is taking over. Well, mostly taking over. Along with some of our usual content, Darrell is going to have a post each day about one Disney Parks thing or another. I may be your fearless leader but I am scared about what’s to come. Fate comes for us all though so without further ado, here’s Darrell.

One of Wandering In Disney’s most popular posts (don’t ask if this is true) is the one I did about the best hot dogs at Disneyland. Well, I ate enough dogs to make a whole list on Walt Disney World. Unlike the other post though (drop that link Drew!) I actually ate all the ones on my list. 

7. Cosmic Ray’s

By far the worst thing I ate on my trip. Cosmic Ray’s is mostly a burger joint but offers a hot dog plain as well as one with chili poured on top. It might have something to do with the fact that it was a little later in the night so it might have been sitting on the heater, but really I don’t think so. The more that restaurants have a cheesy gimmick the less the food has quality. The gimmick here is an animatronic alien sings songs to the style of Frank Sinatra. He’s cool, his name is awesome like Squeeze McFlackQuack or something (editor’s note: It’s Sonny Eclipse). The hot dog though is terrible. The chili is a bad topping, this is the only place I tried it. The hot dogs in California were really good. It feels like Florida doesn’t care about quality hot dogs, but knows they’ll sell. 

Cosmic Ray's Chili Dog MK

6. Casey’s Corner

I came to Casey’s Corner with high hopes. The Refreshment Corner at Disneyland had a pretty good Mac and Cheese Dog. Here the quality of the wiener was sub par as well as the pasta. It was all just fine. The real reason it is this low is the mini corn dogs and the plant based dog both which tasted bad. The corn dogs tasted like they were fresh out of the freezer. The plant based dog seemed like a good idea, I do enjoy an impossible burger from time to time. This was not good though. It had about 45 toppings and honestly that might be the problem. 

5. Dockside Diner

My hopes for a good hot dog diminished throughout my trip, as the sausages got worse and worse. Until this little green boat on the waterfront of Hollywood Studios figured out the best topping for mediocre hot dogs. Pulled pork! That’s right the timeless classic has come to Dockside Diner. I’m a sucker for pulled pork so this was an ideal combo for me. With this and a dash of coleslaw it makes it far beyond simply edible. 

4. The Friar’s Nook

Honestly, The Friar’s Nook has some of the most disgusting looking food I have ever seen. It’s claim to fame is the Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots. This is tater tots that have buffalo sauced shredded chicken on top of them. Also this has what seems to be ranch and some onions as well. It looks so bad, so while I was in line already regretting my decision something caught my eye. The hidden gem of the Nook was Brats and Tots. A bratwurst covered in sauerkraut that comes with the previously mentioned tots (covered in nothing, thank goodness.) This is an excellent brat, the sauerkraut is really good. I am not a fan of tater tots, but these were great. Makes sense being that their main dishes all have tots. 

3. B. B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. 

Starting here and moving forward it seems to be a good hot dog at Disney World, you have to break the rules of what a sausage could be. This is also the last place with an actual hot dog and not a link shaped configuration of delicious pork. This place found in Disney Springs has an array of hot dogs with many toppings on them. I got the one which had mini versions of all the dogs. The Texas Chili Cheese dog was the most traditional and clearly the worst one for me. The New York Pastrami Rueben dog was the clear winner from reading the description. It had swiss, shredded pastrami, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. It sounds awesome, and it was. If I made it back here I would probably order this as a whole dog. The best wiener here is not one I would immediately think I would love, but it works so well. The Hawiian Island Dog has grilled pineapple salsa, spam and teriyaki sauce. The salsa is the best part as it goes well with the dog, the spam is underrated and the teriyaki sauce brings it all together. Heck of a trio.

2. Harambe Market

As I walked around eating dog after dog I found that if the eatery specified in selling you hot dogs, it was going to be bad. If you found one on the bottom of a menu, it was more likely that it would be good. At the Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom they sell a variety of foods (Editor’s note: here’s a review of all of that other food). I have no idea what they are because I was there for the Pork Sausage. It’s a sausage with curry-ketchup onion-relish wrapped in naan bread. The pork is actually really good but what makes this so high on the list is the other ingredients. 

1. Ronto Roasters

The Ronto Wrap is awesome. It has a grilled pork sausage with peppercorn sauce and tangy slaw. Honestly if you put slaw on anything with meat I will probably love it. The sauce is great as well. The idea of cooking a Ronto, which in the Star Wars universe seems to be the equivalent of a horse is amusing. The spot really encapsulates what Galaxy’s Edge is going for. It’s located in front of a giant machine, you’re not sure what the machine does but it seems viable for a Star Wars creation. The reason this really beats the previous few is that Ronto Roasters also sells a breakfast wrap. The beautifully titled, Ronto Morning Wrap has the pork and that wonderful peppercorn sauce. No slaw this time, but it is replaced by eggs and cheese. It is not as good as the plain wrap, but still an awesome creation.

Ronto Wrap SWGE DL

I do love a good hot dog, but besides the top three or so none are really worth your time. If you are going to Disneyland go out of your way to get a hot dog. When going to Walt Disney World however, skip the wiener and eat something else. 

What do you think of WDW’s hot dogs? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re looking for more dining reviews, click here. If you enjoy what you’re reading on Wandering in Disney then please subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email and like our social media pages. You can find all of those things on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading!

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