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Coronado Springs Resort Review

Coronado Springs Resort is a moderate resort at Walt Disney World.  The resort is in the Animal Kingdom area.  Coronado Springs opened in the summer of 1997 and is themed to ancient Mexico and the American southwest.  Like most of the moderate resorts, Coronado features sprawling grounds and many rooms.  The resort is also Disney World’s most popular convention space.  As of 2018, Coronado Springs is going through a few renovations that will make the resort even more convention friendly.  We’ve stayed at Coronado Springs a few times over the years, this review will cover those experiences.

Part of the allure of Coronado Springs is the layout of the resort.  Caribbean Beach Resort and Port Orleans are pleasant to stroll around but are very spread out and not mapped in a direct loop.  Coronado Springs is still spread out but is all centered around a lovely lake in the middle.  While the walk around the loop isn’t as picturesque as Port Orleans, the resort is still a nice walk with the lake as a central feature.

Coronado Springs fountain

With that said, there isn’t much else to look at.  I enjoy the Spanish-inspired architecture but there is nothing that transports me to another place.  Coronado Springs never suspends belief, it always feels like a hotel in Disney World to me.  There’s nothing wrong with that, the theme just feels less charming and encompassing as some.  Outside of the pool, I don’t think there is one iconic landmark the resort is known for.  The Contemporary has the monorail, Animal Kingdom Lodge the animals, the Beach and Yacht Club have the lighthouse, etc.  I think Coronado is missing that landmark and it makes the resort less memorable.

All in all, I think that would be my biggest complaint about the resort.  Frankly, when I look at all that the resort offers I often wonder why the resort doesn’t sit in better standing in my mind.  Hopefully the previous paragraphs help explain that.  Let’s get to the room!

Coronado Springs room fisheye

Our most recent stay put us in a room with a king bed.  There is no difference in square footage between this room and a room with two queen beds.  They’re average sized hotel rooms.  As you can see, little bits of the outside Spanish theme are continued inside the room.  The accent wall is nice but it doesn’t offset the ugly carpet.  Everything else about the room is fairly generic.

Coronado Springs bathroom

That’s a hotel bathroom.  The flooring isn’t bad in here.  I don’t have much else to say, it’s a generic hotel bathroom.

Coronado Springs bathrrom mirror fisheye

Like most Disney rooms, the sink was outside of the bathroom.  I like the doors that kept this area separate from the beds, one person can keep sleeping while the other is getting ready that way.

I find the room to be fairly bland.  There is no decor that stands out and no ‘Disney touch’, if you will.  Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with the room either.  This is still a better option than a few of the value resorts because of the larger room size.  I just find this lacking.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

The amenities are where Coronado Springs really shines.  First of all, the pool is one of the top-5 resort pools at Disney World.  Called the Dig Site, this area features a fun slide, a cool pyramid theme to the pool, a gigantic hot tub, and a few fun, non-swimming areas.  If swimming is a big deal to you (or your kids) then the Coronado Springs pool is one of the best options, especially at the cost it generally is.  I’d give the Dig Site a slight advantage over the Caribbean Beach Resort pool but it’s close.

Pepper Market CS

Coronado Springs also offers one of the best food courts in Disney World called the Pepper Market.  This is a counter-service location and they offer a wide variety of food.  Here is a look at the menu.  There’s also a nice bakery area that serves gelato around the corner from the food court.  To go along with the excellent offerings here, there is also a lounge and full table-service restaurant.  Coronado Springs has no shortage of good dining options and I’d definitely plan for a meal or two at Pepper Market if you are staying here.

The resort doesn’t have a bad location as far as bus transportation goes.  As I stated, it is very close to Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach.  The rest of the parks are a little further away but no more than a 20 minute bus ride.  We never had any issues in waiting for transportation either.

Rix Lounge CS

As far as value goes, Coronado Springs is one of the cheaper moderate resorts.  Prices typically range from $150-$220 depending on the time of year.  As far as what it’s worth, I wouldn’t pay over $175 unless there were special circumstances.  The amenities are nice but not on a deluxe level.  And over $175 is near deluxe level to me.  If you can find Coronado under $150 then I’d absolutely recommend it.

Coronado Springs has average rooms that are made up for with amenities that the hotel offers.  Unfortunately, I believe the resort is just barely missing the mark.  The theme isn’t very memorable and there is no iconic landmark.  All in all, it’s on-line with the other moderate resorts.  I prefer Port Orleans to Coronado but there isn’t a big gap.

Overall Rating – 8/10

Have you stayed at Coronado Springs Resort?  Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments.  If you enjoy what you’re reading here on Wandering in Disney please subscribe to the blog and like our Facebook page.  You can find both of those on the right side of this page.  Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

– Andrew

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