Month: February 2018

Leaky Cauldron Review

Leaky Cauldron is a counter-service restaurant in Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley.  Inspired by the world of Harry Potter, Leaky Cauldron serves English-Pub style food.  The restaurant has several nods to the Harry Potter franchise and is thematically on point.  Aside from minimal savings on a meal plan that […]

Question of the Week (2/25/18)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney-related question.  Here is the latest installment of Question of the Week! Question of the week: A few weeks ago I wrote about things I miss in Disney Parks when I’m not there. What are a couple of […]

Question of the Week (2/11/18)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this weeks! Question of the Week:  What are a few of your favorite drinks at Disney Parks? Andrew – I’ll do an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink on both coasts. Starting at Disneyland, my favorite drink […]

There’s Never Enough Time

Returning from a vacation is never an easy task, especially when that vacation is at a Disney Resort.  After a week of walking near double-digit miles everyday, most travelers are even more exhausted than when they left.  Of course, there’s the usual “I don’t want to go back […]

How Many Days At Each Disney Park?

Updated on 2/7/18.  It’s a question that most Disney vacation discussions start with:  How many days should we spend in each park?  Of course, some vacations don’t lend themselves to the luxury of getting to pick exactly how many days you can spend where.  Budgets, time and other various […]