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Our Top Ten Posts From 2017

The end of the year means a whole bunch of blog posts recapping what has happened in the previous year.  Luckily here on Wandering in Disney, we aspire to a higher standard of bloggerism… NOT!  In fact, we sink so low that we’re simply recapping our most viewed posts of 2017.

Mack Truck PTN

Now, there is more purpose to this post than simply tooting our own horn.  I don’t have much time around the holidays so I’m trying to put up quick posts on the go, that definitely applies here and will likely apply for the next week or so  (Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy New Year!)  That’s the first purpose.

More than that, I’m hopeful that this blog will help people plan their Disney vacations and the most viewed posts tend to do so in some ways, despite my best attempts to overcome that with Classic Disney Attractions as Characters From The Office.  This will get those more helpful posts to the front page for new readers or with better content.

Morocco full pavilion Epcot

Now that I’ve tried to justify this sorry excuse for a blog post, here is our top ten posts from 2017.  Enjoy!

10. Tiffins Dining Review – I can’t speak to the quality of writing in this post, but the restaurant is delicious.  If you’re on the fence about trying Tiffins (Animal Kingdom) check this review out to see my favorite restaurant inside of a Disney Park.

9. Is Knott’s Berry Farm Worth a Day of Your Disneyland Trip – I’m glad this list isn’t just a bunch of dining and attraction reviews, although it is heavy on that.  This post spells out whether a trip to Knott’s is right for you.

8. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Review – A dining review of an overhauled (in terms of menu) Magic Kingdom counter-service spot.

7. Grand Floridian Cafe Review – Honestly, one of the most disappointing meals I’ve had at Disney World.

6. Sanaa Dining Review – From one of the worst to one of the most interesting… Sanaa is a great place for a meal with a more exotic meal and excellent setting.

5. Magic Kingdom Attraction Rankings – Something other than a dining review.  The attraction rankings series is always popular and a nice way to plan out a day at the parks.

Castle MK Main Street

4. Epcot Attraction Rankings – The same goes as above, but Epcot is far more divisive in their attractions.  While I think Soarin’ is a clear-cut number one, everything after that is a toss-up.

3. Rivers of Light Review – Animal Kingdom’s nighttime show debuted early this year to mixed reviews.  My review was far more positive than some as I think the show is very interesting and beautiful.

2. Once Upon a Time Castle Projection Show Review – Another show that debuted right before 2017 began, this one in Magic Kingdom.  The projection show continues to be a Magic Kingdom staple, especially without a nighttime parade.

1. Is Disney’s Hollywood Studios Worth Going to in 2017? – Far and away our most popular post, with thousands more views than any other.  Here’s a recent update to this one.

More recent posts that haven’t had a chance to rack up the views but are on their way include our August Disney World Trip Report, Pandora – World of Avatar Touring Plan, Wild Africa Trek Tour Review, Pros and Cons of Visiting Disney Parks on Holidays, and Universal Orlando’s Top 10 Attractions.

Hippo trunk WAT AK

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