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Via Napoli Review

Via Napoli is an Italian restaurant in Epcot’s World Showcase.  The restaurants focus is on pizza but they also serve pasta dishes.  Via Napoli is a table-service restaurant that counts as one credit on the Disney Dining Plan.  They do accept Tables in Wonderland and have an Annual Pass discount.  We ate lunch at Via Napoli on our latest Walt Disney World trip and this review will cover that experience.

Via Napoli’s specialty is their wood-fired pizza and the restaurant was designed to showcase that.  The focal point of the open-kitchen that most tables can look into is the wood-fire ovens.  These three ovens are all faces that each have names – Etna, Vesuvius, and Stromboli.  All of those are names of volcanoes in Italy.  Pretty clever, huh?  The three ovens aren’t comically large but they do grab your attention.

Via Napoli inside

The rest of the restaurant is more subtle.  There are beautiful murals and pastel tones throughout the restaurant.  Via Napoli isn’t overly crowded even though the restaurant doesn’t seem very large.

Via Napoli mural

I think Via Napoli is very versatile, partially because of the environment.  There is space enough to have a fun date while surrounded by beautiful paintings and colors.  On the other hand, this is also a great place for a large family to share a couple of pizzas.  I was somewhat surprised at how much I liked the atmosphere.  Via Napoli isn’t inside of a castle and doesn’t have big windows that offer incredible views but the restaurant is beautiful nonetheless.  It’s the type of beautiful that doesn’t make a big deal out of itself.

Moving on to the food, Via Napoli offers a pretty large menu as far as Disney restaurants go.  You can see that here.  I guess that I should be surprised at the larger menu, as it’s not very hard to offer lots of varieties of pizza.  Most of the pizza options are more authentic than your typical American pizza joint.  Rightfully so, as this is supposed to replicate a pizzeria in Italy.  With that being said, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that you like assuming that you and yours are a fan of pizza.

We started off with some cheesy bread that we ordered for an appetizer.  This was a special at the time so I don’t know if it’s still there or how long it will be there.  If I remember right, the cost was around $5 for the bread and I thought the taste was largely forgettable.  There was nothing wrong with the taste or how it was cooked but nothing stood out about the flavor at all.  I wouldn’t recommend this (which would be hard to recommend since I don’t even know what it was called or if it’s still available) and would instead go for the regular listed appetizers on the menu.

My pizza Via Napoli

For my pizza I went with the Prosciutto e Melone.  This was a white sauce pizza with prosciutto, arugula, and cantaloupe.  I’m partial to white sauce pizzas and this was no exception.  The prosciutto was very thin and had a wonderful flavor that was definitely balanced by the arugula.  The cantaloupe was a bit of a shock at first (and will be for those who are used to standard American pizza choices) but with every bite of the melon I enjoyed it more and more.  After a while the cantaloupe became my favorite part of the pizza.  It made the dish feel refreshing instead of heavy.  All of these ingredients combined to give the pizza quite an array of complimentary flavors.  I would happily order this one again but it may be pretty adventurous for some.

Melissa pizza Via Napoli

Melissa’s pizza was good as well.  I didn’t like it as much as mine but she enjoyed it.  This was the Broccolini Pizza and I enjoyed the vegetables on top of it.

Darin's Pizza Via Napoli

Kenzie's pizza Via Napoli

These were the two pizzas that our friends got.  I didn’t love either of these but they both seemed to like them.  I wasn’t impressed by the meat on the top photo but that could have just been an aberration for the day.  Everything else we tasted was very fresh and delicious.

ice cream soda Via Napoli

For dessert I had the Ice Cream Soda which I thought was good, not great.  I’m by no means an ice cream soda expert but there wasn’t a big difference between this one and others I’d had before.  Still, I liked it well enough.

Ice cream Via Napoli

Melissa went with the gelato and this was a better choice.  I liked this but didn’t think it was any better than other gelato I’ve had.  In other words, the dessert here was good but nothing out of this world.  For the record, one of our friends had the tiramisu and really liked it.

Overall, I think Via Napoli is one of the better restaurants at Walt Disney World.  The place is versatile and has something for everyone.  I thought the environment was simple but beautiful.  The food was very good and if you love pizza this is probably the best choice of anywhere on property.  I also think the meals are a decent value if you are sharing a pizza.  It’s more expensive than your local pizza joint but compared to other Walt Disney World restaurants there is value to be had here.  The restaurant didn’t wow me in any one way, but I enjoyed every aspect of our lunch.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

– Andrew


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