Storytellers Cafe Review

Storytellers Cafe is a table service restaurant in the Grand Californian at Disneyland Resort.  At breakfast and dinner Storytellers serves a buffet but at lunch guests order off the menu.  We dined at Storytellers Cafe on our latest trip to Disneyland and this review will cover that meal.

Storytellers Cafe sign

After spending the morning in Disney California Adventure, we strolled over to the Grand Californian exit of the park and walked right to Storytellers Cafe.  The inside of the restaurant fits the outside, both having a relaxed vibe.  The pool area to the Grand Californian is right outside and is very beautiful, fitting the national park theme of DCA’s Grizzly Peak.  Storytellers Cafe celebrates farming and the fresh food that California is known to grow.  The lighting was bright and the theme is not over the top but still well done.  I don’t think the environment was anything special but it was certainly nice enough.  I would describe the environment of Storytellers Cafe as a step below Napa Rose, if you’ve ever been there.

Storytellers front

We went for lunch at about 1 PM on a hot, summer afternoon but the restaurant was empty.  It was a weekday but I’m guessing that this restaurant hardly ever reaches capacity for lunch.  Eating at a hotel’s table-service restaurant is generally a good alternative to eating in the park as the food is usually as good (if not better) and the restaurant will be less crowded.  That was certainly the case here.

Storyteller left side

Storytellers Cafe fireplace

We were seated and checked out the menu.  The choices aren’t all that adventurous but they are fairly diverse.  While the majority of the choices were salads or sandwiches, there was also steak, salmon and pasta.  While nothing jumped out at me on the menu, there were plenty of solid options.

Storytellers Cafe menu

I ended up choosing the Grilled Albacore Tuna Sandwich.  Melissa went with the Salmon with Artichoke Tapenade.  But before we get to those, we ordered the Sticky Spare Ribs appetizer.  That came out at the same time as our complimentary bread service.

Storytellers Bread Basket

Storytellers Ribs

As far as I’m concerned the Sticky Spare Ribs stole the show.  The ribs were tender and fell of the bone.  The sauce had just the right amount of sweetness and also had a bit of a kick (not enough that it should scare you off).  This was easily my favorite item I tasted here and that’s only partially because of my carnivore tendencies.  These were a hit around the table and might have been the most unique item on the menu.

The bread service was good as well, with cornbread muffins and warm bread.  My wife, the bread expert in the family, really enjoyed the cornbread.  I agree and thought it tasted very fresh.  I also liked the variety.

Next came the entrees!  As I said, I went with the Grilled Tuna Albacore Sandwich.  I thought the sandwich was well prepared.  To be honest, I don’t know much about tuna as I haven’t had much of it.  The tuna in this sandwich was delicious but a little uneven.  Some bites were very flavorful and perfectly tender.  Others were somewhat bland and didn’t seem perfectly cooked.  For the most part, I really enjoyed the sandwich.  The tomato and arugula complimented the tuna, as did the lemon mayonnaise although there could have been more of that on the bread.  I enjoyed the sandwich but am not sure if I’d order it again.

Storytellers tuna sandwich

Melissa ordered the salmon and we both thought that was the superior dish.  I don’t like artichokes but the sauce on it was a great compliment to the juicy salmon.  I loved the salmon and thought it was cooked to perfection.  It had a nice, simple seasoning on it.  The broccoli and mashed potatoes that came with it were a nice compliment to the dish but nothing more.  I would gladly go back to get the salmon, as I thought it was delicious.

Storytellers salmon

The rest of the table seemed to enjoy their entrees but no one left raving about how they couldn’t wait to come back.  As I said, the Sticky Ribs were the highlight.  The entrees were good but not spectacular.  The entrees matched the theme of the restaurant, good but somewhat forgettable.  While Storytellers Cafe provided an extremely pleasant meal, it doesn’t rank near the top of my Disneyland dining experiences.

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

– Andrew


August 2016 Disneyland Trip Report – Part 1

For the amount of Disney trips I’ve gone on, I’ve never done one with a group of more than six.  That all changed last week as my parents, brother, sisters, cousin, nephew, wife and I all made the trek to Southern California for a trip to Disneyland.  All together, there were nine of us (including my nephew who’s about to turn 2.)  The trip was a graduation present to my cousin who had completed high school in June.  He had never been to a Disney Park before (or California for that matter) so we were eager to take him!

Planning for a big group is certainly more difficult.  Everyone has different opinions and needs, as they should, so coming to a compromise or decision on some aspects is more difficult with nine people than it is with two.  Even with all of the people I really enjoyed the planning stages.  I’ve said it before and will again, Disneyland is much easier to plan for than Walt Disney World.  All this to say, if you’re weary of taking a trip to Disney with a big group, don’t be.  Now, on to the trip report!

HB Tower 2

We started our trip with a night and day at Huntington Beach, as well as Laguna Beach.  While I won’t go into detail on what we did since this will mainly be about the parks, I would encourage everyone to at least spend an evening at one of the Southern California beaches.  I got in the water several times and it felt wonderful.  The beaches are a little bit of paradise and a relaxing alternative to the parks.  Huntington Beach is about thirty minutes from Disneyland and extremely enjoyable.

After staying at the beach we headed to our hotel for the week, the Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites.  I’ll write a review of the hotel soon, but we thought it was a decent place to stay with an incredible location.  After checking in we headed over to Downtown Disney to grab a quick bite to eat.  I ate at the consistently solid Earl of Sandwich and enjoyed my Holiday Turkey sub.

This was about the only time I spent in Downtown Disney and I can’t say I’m sad about that.  That area is in desperate need of a renovation or at least a few new and unique restaurants.  Seeing what has happened in Walt Disney World with Disney Springs, I’m hopeful that there is something in the works for Downtown Disney.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel to sleep and get ready for our first day at Disneyland.

Jungle Cruise queue

We entered the park the next morning right when it opened.  We were headed for Indiana Jones Adventure, but that was temporarily closed so we walked on to the Jungle Cruise instead.  Our skipper was especially good that morning, rattling off some jokes I’d never heard before.  He was an older fella, reminiscent of Steve Martin.  After we cruised the rivers of the world, Indiana Jones was open and we walked right on to that attraction.  I’d never had to utilize rider swap until this trip.  It is incredibly easy and seamless.  If you don’t know what that is or how it works, check out one of our first posts here.

On this trip it seemed like Indiana Jones had more effects turned on.  That made for a pleasant change to our usual ride.  That attraction is timeless and doesn’t grow tired.  I wonder if they’ll ever change the story up, with a new slate of Indy movies coming out.

Winnie the Pooh Eeyore

After we were done with Indy, we did Pirates, Haunted Mansion and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  It was fun to see my nephew, Wyatt, really enjoy Winnie the Pooh and my cousin, Tyler, be impressed by the amount of detail put into Pirates.  I enjoyed my first look at the Hatbox Ghost in the Haunted Mansion and thought he was a great way to incorporate a little Disney history into a classic attraction.

We then went on to Splash Mountain, happened upon a Winnie the Pooh meet & greet and went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Even with a bigger group, we were able to accomplish quite a bit on a hot, summer morning.  While I’m not a morning person, going to a park at opening is the best way to accomplish a lot of attractions.  Not to mention, it’s cooler at that point in time and easier to navigate through crowds since there are less of them.

BTMR Construction

Ignore my sister’s arm in this shot from Big thunder Mountain and enjoy a quick view of the Star Wars/Rivers of America construction.  There weren’t a ton of places to get a good view on the work they’re doing, but it was easy to tell the amount of land they’re working on is humongous.  While I’m still somewhat on the fence about this project, I’m impressed by the speed that they’re working at.  The amount they’re doing in the timeframe they are shooting for is unlike Disney from the last couple of years.  It’s good to see them work a little faster.

After Big Thunder we went to the Plaza Inn for lunch.  We already have a review of it on the blog, but it was even better this time.  I had the fried chicken again because I couldn’t pass it up, and it was fantastic.  This was one of the better meals of the trip and while I like to try new places, I’m glad we ate here.

After lunch we were about ready for a break, but decided to stick it out for a few more rides.  I saved the galaxy with Buzz Lightyear and then took Tyler through the weirdness that is ‘it’s a small world’.  Maybe it’s getting older and me being sentimental, but that attraction grows on me every time.  To be cheesy for a second, seeing this attraction in the world we live in is always hopeful and a nice reminder that we should all just get along.  Not to mention that this is a nice way to cool down.  Boy, did we need it as the temperature those first few days was in the mid-90’s.  While it never became unbearable, the heat definitely can zap your energy.

IASW Hippo

We headed back to the hotel and took a break for a few hours.  I went back to the park a little earlier than the others and took an hour to take photos.  While I may not have accomplished any great feats in photography, I was pleasantly surprised at all of the little paths I found throughout Disneyland.  Every trip I feel like I find another one of these little areas to walk through that not many others take advantage of.  For Disneyland packing so many attractions into an area, it’s nice that there are still areas  to get away from all the people for a brief moment or two.  Anyway, here are a few photos I took while walking around that afternoon.

Castle daytime fisheye

Haunted Mansion

After meeting back up with my family we rode Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and then headed to my favorite place on earth, TOONTOWN!!! Just kidding.  While I don’t like ToonTown I did see the appeal of it while visiting with my nephew.  He loved playing in the stationary cars that they have throughout the land, and he seemed fond of Donald’s boat.  We didn’t spend a ton of time here, but while we were there we chased Wyatt around and took photos.  It was easily the most fun I’ve had in ToonTown, although that’s not saying much.

Wyatt car in Toontown

After ToonTown, it was time for dinner.  I headed to the French Market for dinner and enjoyed my red beans and rice.  I’ll update our review of that restaurant with my new entree in the next few days.  After dinner we tried to find a spot for Paint the Night and were only moderately successful.  We were about 10 people back from the curb, but you could still see the floats as they passed.  I think this was probably the hardest part of going with a big group.  With 2 people you can squeeze into a good spot to watch the parade.  With 8 or 9 people, that doesn’t work as well.  We had to plan a little harder to get a spot for the parade, which we would do later in the trip.

We were much more successful in finding a spot for the fireworks.  We were in the middle of Main Street parallel to the Jolly Holiday Bakery and had a great view.  At least we thought we’d have a great view until some people decided that they needed to let their balloons fly throughout the show.  I have very few pet peeves when it comes to Disney Parks, but I don’t like it when kids are on parents shoulders or when people have their balloons way up in the air blocking the view for the people behind them.  I can understand the kids on parents shoulders at least, kids should get a chance to see the parade and I understand that it’s hard to hold children a different way for 20 minutes.  Last time I checked, balloons are really light.  Holding a balloon below your chin doesn’t take much effort and is way more considerate of the people around you.  Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.  At least I will once those balloon holding people get off my lawn!

Anyway, I didn’t get many shots of the fireworks that night due to said balloons, so I’ll shave my fireworks photos for another night.  Disneyland Forever really is great and I came to appreciate it more this trip.  I think when I first watched it I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t focus on Disneyland.  Knowing what to expect this time led me to marvel at the technology.  It’s a shame the show is going away.

IASW Cowboy Indian

After the fireworks I headed to the back of the park to watch the second showing of Paint the Night with my mom.  Everyone else went back to the hotel.  Before the parade began we took another ride on ‘it’s a small world’.  The cowboy and Native American standing side by side is one of my favorite parts of this attraction.

After the ride we sat on the ground near the back of Fantasyland and waited for the parade to come.  This area is without a doubt the best spot to watch the parade if you want to be close to the floats.  The second showing is much easier to get seating, as well.  We got there 10 minutes before the parade began and were set up right along the parade route.  I was able to set up my tripod and get some long exposure photos of Paint the Night.  I won’t rave about the parade right now because I’ve already done that in our review.  I do love the parade though and am very curious about its future.  Here’s a few of my favorite photos from that night.  Click on any of these photos to see my Flickr, where there are way more photos than the ones that I’ve put in this post.

PTN Blue blur

PTN princess blur

Goofy Donald Blur

After the parade we took a leisurely stroll while exiting the park.  I took a few photos through Fantasyland and enjoyed the limited crowds.  We didn’t have many plans the next day so I wasn’t in a hurry to get to bed.  All in all we had a really nice day and I was surprised at how much we accomplished with a big group that included a toddler.

Fantasyland Night

Storybook Land night

Fantasyland sword night

That’s it for Part 1 of this Trip Report.  Part 2 will include an off day and our 2nd day in the parks!  Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about trip planning or Disney in general leave them in the comments.  Also, if there’s something you’d like me to include in these trip reports please let me know!

– Andrew

Question of the Week (8/22/16)

I apologize for the lack of content last week, we were at Disneyland and I didn’t get the time to write while I was down there.  The coming weeks will feature a trip report and several reviews so stay tuned for that!  But for now let’s get to our question of the week!

Question of the Week: Aside from the park icons (castles, Spaceship Earth, etc.) what are some of your favorite things to look at and photograph in Disney Parks?

Melissa L – I think my favorite would be the Cadillac Mountain Range in Cars Land! It is also one of my favorite places to wander through, especially at dark when it is all lit up!

Cars Land night as you go rock

Leslie – I like to photograph pretty much anything in Epcot. The buildings are so beautiful. My favorite is probably Spaceship Earth from the Japan archway. It’s so pretty.

Japan torii gate_edited-1

Andrew – This is a tough one, and I’ve gone back and forth. But judging by my pictures, I’m drawn to the river in both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. I think the water really adds a kinetic energy and I enjoy photographing, looking at, and walking by it whenever I get a chance. There are so many things around the river that it acts as a gateway to several attractions. I couldn’t imagine a castle park without a river.

Big thunder river boat paddle

Cassie – I love to photograph FOOD! I really do! There are so many amazing things still to try! I always love snapping a pic of my meal.

Pommes Frites Cafe Orleans

Melissa H – I love to photograph Adventureland! There are so many beautiful colors and exciting design features. I especially love photographing the outside of the Indiana Jones attraction. My other totally weird thing is taking pictures of the different light fixtures throughout the park. It sounds weird, but I love the little details from Disney.

What are you and your camera drawn to at Disney Parks?  Let us know in the comments!  If you enjoy what you’re reading on Wandering in Disney, please subscribe to the blog via email or WordPress.  You can also like our Facebook Page.  Both of those are accessible on the right side of this page.  Thank you for reading Wandering in Disney, have a great week!

Must-Do’s For First Timers: Magic Kingdom Park

Disney Parks are one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world thanks in large part to people making their first visit to the park. I often hear of people going to the parks for the first time and they hardly know anything about them. Some people will do the proper research and make a plan. Others will just show up without any idea of what to do or what is there. I feel badly for those families, as they don’t know what they are getting themselves into. They also won’t be able to accomplish nearly as much as they’d probably like. With that in mind, I’m going through each U.S. Disney Park and making a list of attractions that everyone who’s going to the parks for their first time should do.  Here are the previous posts I’ve done on Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Today we head east to the first park built at Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom.  Like the Disneyland installment of this series, Magic Kingdom will have many attractions that first timers should try.  There are almost more attractions here than the other 3 Walt Disney World parks combined.  Some will be repeats from Disneyland but the Magic Kingdom’s versions will be slightly different from those.  Time’s a-wasting, let’s get to the attractions!


The Mountains

Much like Disneyland, Magic Kingdom’s mountain range anchors the park.  Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder all have some unique traits compared to their counterparts out west.  Big Thunder is slightly worse at Magic Kingdom than at Disneyland but that’s not to say it isn’t still a great ride through the wilderness! I think Space Mountain on both coasts are pretty even and they’re both universally loved.  Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World may have a slight edge over Disneyland (you get slightly less wet at WDW), but the rides aren’t very different.

Where the mountain ranges differ between the parks is we subbed Matterhorn for the fairly new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  While I wouldn’t put this attraction above any of the previous three I mentioned, it is more kid-friendly and has earned a spot on this list.  This roller coaster slows down inside the mine for an impressive show scene with the 7 dwarfs before shooting you back outside for a swaying trip on a search for Snow White.  The ride is a little too short and has huge lines, but it’s worth experiencing!


Haunted Mansion

We’ll keep going with some crossover hits.  Haunted Mansion is on both coasts but is a vastly superior ride at Magic Kingdom.  The attraction is much longer, has more show scenes and envelops you in more of the story.  Disneyland’s version is still a blast but Haunted Mansion at might be Magic Kingdom’s best attraction.  The story is still the same, you’re visiting a Haunted Mansion that has 999 ghosts and is looking for 1 more, but the experience at Magic Kingdom is incredible.

Pirates of the Caribbean

While Haunted Mansion is better at this park, Pirates is worse.  The story is quite a bit different as you’re still experiencing pirates but you’re tracking down the ruins they have left.  The queue is incredible, albeit very long.  The ride still has some of the wonderful moments DL’s version has but it is much shorter and not quite as relaxed.  Still, this is a must do and won’t disappoint unless you’re expecting DL’s version (even then it probably won’t disappoint)


Jungle Cruise

Again, very similar to Disneyland, but this cruise through the world’s most famous rivers differs when taking guests through a temple.  It’s a beautiful moment inside the temple and one of my favorite relaxing moments at Magic Kingdom.  Not to worry though, all of your favorite puns are still to be heard while motoring through the Nile.

Peter Pan’s Flight

The ride itself is just like Disneyland, flying over moments from Peter Pan (along with flying over London) but the queue is very different here.  This is still the quintessential Disney classic dark ride and it’s not to be missed.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

This may be the most controversial choice on my list as many may call this ride boring.  I think the PeopleMover is a perfect way to relax and take in a beautiful theme park as you zip through Tomorrowland high above all the other guests walking.  You get a peek at some attractions from different views and a look at the Progress City Model that is a significant part of Disney history.  While this ride may not be talked about when it comes to classic Disney attractions, I think it’s deserving of a spot on this list.



The fireworks show at Magic Kingdom may not be around very much longer (it will be replaced eventually) but it’s still a beautiful story that tugs at your heartstrings.  Seeing fireworks shoot up over a castle is surreal no matter what, but having a nice theme to the show certainly helps.  Wishes accomplishes that and then some.  Don’t miss it!


Explore Liberty Square

In the Disneyland post, I put explore the whole park as a must-do.  That is true here too but I felt it was a little vague to repost.  Liberty Square is the most detailed of all the lands at Magic Kingdom and is quite beautiful.  Themed to a colonial town, Liberty Square celebrates America history with charm and restraint.  Read the plaques and notice the details here instead of just rushing off to Splash Mountain (well, rush off to Splash Mountain and then come back!)  This area is a key component of what makes Disney Parks special, the theming is top-notch and is not to be missed.

Walt Disney World Railroad

This train does a simple loop around the park (with stops along the way) but it really takes you back in time.  For one, riding on a steam train is pretty unique.  Walt Disney loved trains and this attraction is an ode to him.  One last benefit of a ride on this attraction is that it makes you slow down a little bit and take a break.  Save this for when your feet are tired and you need to sit down.

Backside of MK Castle

A few more that narrowly missed the list:

Country Bear Jamboree – Bears singing sad country songs is a must if you’re like me, sadly (or maybe fortunately) not everyone is like me.

Mickey’s PhilterMagic – A fun 3D film that takes you through some of your favorite Disney animated scenes.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant – It’s a simple attraction but also classic.  The reconfigured queue earns this ride some bonus points.

Hall of Presidents – Some will treat it as a place for napping (which is fine) but the show is well done and fits in beautifully with Liberty Square.

Festival of Fantasy Parade – If you like parades then see this.  There is some really unique floats that are just the right amount of whimsical.

Walt Disney’s Carousal of Progress – While this is severely outdated, if you are interested in Disney history then this is a must do.

FoF Dumbo

Did I leave anything off the list? Do you have any questions if you’re a first time guest going to Magic Kingdom? Leave me a comment and I’ll try to fix the list or help you out! Thank you for reading!

– Andrew

Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Entertainment is Ending Soon

Update: Disney has now confirmed that the Main Street Electrical Parade will be heading west and returning to Disneyland in 2017.  I have no problem with this move, as long as that parade doesn’t hold on for more than a year.  The Main Street Electrical Parade is pretty old and not in the best shape.  While one last nostalgic run is nice, I think the park should move on pretty quickly.  As for Paint the Night, it will seasonally run at Disneyland through the holiday season.  After that, we don’t know.  Obviously with the Electrical Parade coming west, Magic Kingdom is without a parade.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paint the Night head east after the holidays.  If not, I expect Magic Kingdom to have a nighttime parade of some kind in the near future.  All in all, I think this is pretty good news, with the chance of it being great news depending on what happens in Walt Disney World.  Another option for Paint the Night is to switch over to Disney California Adventure, where it would fit in extremely well.  Okay, on to the original post!

Disney has announced that on September 5th, Paint the Night, Disneyland Forever, and World of Color: Celebrate will all end.  All of these events started to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary and many thought that they’d be Disneyland’s nighttime entertainment for years to come.  Obviously, that isn’t true now.

This news was announced last week, and I’ve been a little slow getting to it.  Many of these rumors had been circling for the last month or so but the Paint the Night news was definitely not expected.  Disneyland Forever is being replaced Fantasy in the Sky which is an old show that isn’t all that highly thought of.  Maybe there will be some plussing to the show in its return but the news is underwhelming (more on that in a bit).  World of Color: Celebrate will give way to its predecessor (World of Color) which is the superior show.  Paint the Night is leaving for now but there may be more to that than meets the eye.  Let’s talk about the news for each show and then as a whole.

Mack truck

Disneyland Forever -> Fantasy in the Sky

If Disneyland had to go back to an old fireworks show, I wish they would have chosen Remember… Dreams Come True.  I think that show is fantastic as far as storytelling and theme go.  Unfortunately, those two aspects don’t seem to be at the top of the priority list right now for the Disney company.  The reason Disneyland Forever isn’t sticking around is reportedly due to its high cost.  This would be understandable and fine in isolation but the cost cutting is part of a worrisome trend at Disney this year.  With park tickets costing as much as ever, seeing the company continue to cut costs is frustrating.  If Disneyland Forever doesn’t resurface in the future I will remember it as a technological marvel that was missing a little bit of heart.  Instead of celebrating the park’s tradition, it celebrated Disney animations achievements.  Still, it was a wonderful show that augmented the pyrotechnics with stunning projections.  Fantasy in the Sky will be running on the weekends this Fall, which is not uncommon for Disneyland.

sharp Disneyland Forever

World of Color: Celebrate -> World of Color

I don’t have much to say here.  World of Color: Celebrate had great moments but wasn’t a complete show.  World of Color is a great show.  I’m happy to see that it will make a return.  I’ll be anxious to see if they update any of the segments or keep it the same.  Either way the original show is far superior to Celebrate.

World of Color lots of colors

Paint the Night -> ???

Well, I have no idea what is coming (if anything?)  Disney spent a bunch of money on Paint the Night and I’m very confident in saying that it will reappear somewhere in the  coming months.  Disneyland had gone without a nighttime parade for a while prior to Paint the Night and that may be what happens this Fall.  So, where is Paint the Night going?  My best guess is that it will reappear with refreshed floats in a few months and be at Disneyland seasonally for years to come.  Maybe Paint the Night will go away until next summer and come back to Disneyland.  It definitely needs a little time off to clean up the floats and lights, so this isn’t the worst thing.  Another option is to ship it over to Disney World and have Main Street Electrical Parade make one final ride at Disneyland.  I don’t think this is likely and I’m on the fence about it.  Main Street Electrical is very nostalgic and classic Disney, but it is running on fumes.  The parade will need to be retired before long and while a return to DL for one more run would be a storybook ending, but it would also pale in comparison to Paint the Night.  Meanwhile, I’m sure Disney World would love to have Paint the Night while it waits to get new entertainment for their 50th anniversary (2021).  If the parade is simply cut due to budgetary reasons I would be very frustrated and disappointed.

Slinky from afar PTN

No matter what happens I hope Paint the Night sticks around somewhere.  I think it was the biggest success of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, paying homage to Main Street Electrical Parade while dazzling guests with incredible lights and technology.  I won’t soon forget the first time I saw Paint the Night and I hope it won’t be long before it turns up somewhere.  I don’t think it will be.


As a whole, I never want to see entertainment cut.  The trade-off of Disneyland Forever for Fantasy in the Sky is frustrating and disappointing.  Paint the Night ending is discouraging but is a bit of an unknown at the moment.  World of Color coming back is really good news.

Disneyland Forever sparkly castle

As a whole, the next year at Disneyland (until the river opens back up in late summer 2017) will be pretty dry.  You know, because the river is drained.  Also because they don’t serve alcohol in DL.  Okay, my jokes are over.  The nighttime entertainment will surely be lacking until Paint the Night returns or Fantasmic! reopens.  The holidays will help off-set this problem with special entertainment.  Still, I wouldn’t fully recommend going to Disneyland (after September 5th) until the river opens back up or new entertainment is announced.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go, just that there will be a few things missing from a normal experience.

– Andrew