Why Disney Construction Shouldn’t Ruin Your Vacation

This is a big season for Disney and with so much change going on there are “preserving the magic” barriers everywhere. So please pardon our pixie dust as we continue imagining along.


Many of our parks are receiving their biggest changes, and no I’m not here to spill company secrets so don’t ask but what I can tell you about are some of the changes already known to the public. Some of the biggest changes taking place are those in Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, and parts of California Adventure and Disneyland.


Let me start by saying I know how frustrating it is to deal with construction on your current Disney vacation. The traffic is bad, some places are crowded because walkways are cut off, and the biggest problem is not getting that iconic shot in front of the castle. As someone who tries to angle that ugly crane out of her shot believe me I understand. If I could make it all disappear like magic believe me I would. As Cast Members, we do not like the construction anymore than you do, it makes us late for work, and we miss seeing our beautiful castles too when they are covered up.

The bright side is, none of this is permanent. Just as the walls went up they will soon go down. More and more stores and restaurants are opening where the walls were blocking off. You better believe you should be excited about that! In Animal Kingdom we will have the beautiful world of Avatar, in Downtown Disney we will have more entertainment options and more dining options, one of which is Morimoto Asia from Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto! They are also building Amphibicars! Cars you can drive on the water!



Trust me, I understand your frustrations. They are ones I have to deal with everyday, much like every Cast Member. While the traffic may hinder your week’s vacation it hinders our everyday life. While you might be sad you cannot see some of your favorite park icons, we share in your sadness (nothing hurts worse than a disappointed prince or princess!). We honestly want you to have the best time here; as such we keep looking toward the future, growing the company and making your dreams come to life!


So again I ask, please pardon our pixie dust while we continue imagining. I for one cannot wait to see our dreams unfold and the new things that are brought to life. Remember every dream starts somewhere, and ours all started with a mouse. So I hope to see you all real soon, and try not to let the construction bring you down, unless it’s bringing you down to Downtown Disney! In which case stop in and see me!

– Leslie


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