Favorite Quiet Places: Animal Kingdom’s Trails

It’s easy to be intimidated by the business of Disney World or Disneyland. There are gobs of people everywhere and a simple walk around the parks can turn into a game of ‘Human Bumper-Cars’. We’re starting a series for people who want to find places away from all of the crowds. Places to relax, take in the scenery and soak in the Disney details are a must for me while I’m at a Park. We’re looking forward to sharing some of those places with you.  Here’s a look at one of our other favorite quiet places (more to come soon).

Tree of life trail AK

If you have read this blog for long, you know that I’m a big fan of Animal Kingdom.  While some may gripe about its lack of rides and about how it’s ‘just a zoo’, I find the detail and the beauty in the park breath-taking.  Of course, it helps that I love animals but that isn’t the reason I love this park.

running water AK

This will be a bit of a strange installment in our ‘Favorite Quiet Places’ because this isn’t exactly one place.  Animal Kingdom is filled with beautiful trails throughout it that lead to numerous areas.  Some trails are to give better views of animals while others are simply a quick trip to see a running stream.  I’m going to give a brief synopsis of the two big trails and then a more general discussion of the trails as a whole.


Maharajah Jungle Trek – This attraction/trail is worthy of a post all on its own (and will get one someday when I capture more pictures of it).  Maharajah Jungle Trek takes guests to Southeast Asia to view several different wild animals (Tigers, Elds Deer, and fruit bats, oh my).  Now, I can’t deny the coolness of tigers but somehow they aren’t the show stealer in this attraction.  Instead, my favorite part is the trail itself.  It tells a great story of a hunter who enclosed the forest, to make it easier for hunting.  That hunter later died and now, through several steps, this forest or jungle has become a nature preserve.  The story is intricate and detailed, as guests will be able to follow along because of the buildings and the carvings on the wall.  While Maharajah Jungle Trek is probably the most popular of all the trails, the attraction can be quite peaceful if you don’t rush through it.  There’s a quietness at Animal Kingdom that other parks don’t possess and this trail, and the others, embody that.  This trek is beautifully done and full of detail that most people will skip over.  Take your time here.

Animal Kingdom light trail Continue reading


Getting the Wiggles Out: Toddler Play Areas at Disneyland

As adults, we imagine being pushed around all day in a stroller a wonderful luxury. Even though strollers are a must have for trips with toddlers, they are of course rambunctious little creatures and need somewhere to run free. To a paranoid parent like myself, letting my child walk in the crowds, even with tight hand holding frightens me to no end (and no I refuse to take the child back pack leash route).

Kelsee harp hallie

Luckily, Disney looks out for us parents of toddlers and places different areas for kids to run free and get the wiggles out. Here are some of my favorite play areas for toddlers:

Goofy’s Playhouse: Located in Toontown, this area is toddler playground wonderland. It is garden themed and has watermelons to crawl through, slides to slide, and plenty of places to climb. Also, the ground is rubber and bouncy so no need to worry about falling on cement! It’s also fenced in and there is only one exit at the front so there isn’t an opportunity for masterful escapes. Goofy sometimes visits the front of this area, so make sure to keep your eye out! This is the best play area for toddlers in my book!

Kelsee goofy's play place

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: Over at California Adventure right outside of Grizzly River Run, is a beautiful replica of the Redwood Forest in Northern California. This area isn’t as easy to let the kids run free, especially on the trail area, but still a wonderful place to blow off some steam. One word of caution, beware of the rope climbing area, it is not a parents friend! This section is not only for toddlers but older children as well, there are many activities for both age groups. It is definitely a great area to slow down. Also, the trail is perfectly located for baby swappers on Grizzly River Run. One parent can go on the ride and the other can wait with their child at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. They are very close in proximity and you don’t have to deal with an antsy toddler while you wait for your partner to get off the ride.

Kelsee expedition hallie

Animation Academy: I’ve previously done a post on this building and I can’t tell you how much I love this part of California Adventure. Right in the middle of Hollywood land is an oasis for both kids and parents. There is a vast amount of space to run, various Disney movie/music clips playing at all times, and (BONUS) Turtle Talk with Crush which is fabulous since he is a very famous turtle especially among toddlers. Unlike the previous two I listed, this area is indoor and air-conditioned which is always a blessing in Southern California.

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February 2015 Disneyland Trip Report – Part 2 (Melissa H.)

If you haven’t seen part one of my trip update and would like to know how we started our most recent Disneyland Vacation, please feel free to check it out here. I’ve found myself referencing some of the things that I discussed during this post and it might help fill in any questions you might have.

But for the rest of us who are reliving these magical memories, on to Day 2.


Like I said, my family has a pretty organized system for how we tackle Disney and make sure that we are able to visit as many rides and attractions as possible. So, for our second day of the trip, we were focused on spending the entire day in California Adventure.

Due to the time of year that we were visiting, the parks closed fairly early on our first night, so we were able to start day 2 early without a problem. We all met up for breakfast in our hotel and the ventured out to catch our shuttle to the park. Due to the shuttle schedule, we weren’t able to be there RIGHT when California Adventure opened, but we were pretty close. Having had my last two trips be during an “busy season” I was prepared to have an enormous crowd still waiting to get through the gate, but was pleasantly surprised when we were basically able to just walk on through.

Melissa H Churros

It was sad because during our trip all of Condor Flats was closed down for what is apparently going to be a major remodel. Two trips in a row without a ride on Grizzly River Run… Guess I will just have to go back again. Anyways, this changed our plans since usually Soarin’ is one of our very first rides. Instead, we decided to head straight back to Paradise Pier.

Again, one member of our party stopped to get the ever important Fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers. The shortest that I have EVER seen the standby line for this ride was 75 minutes… Still quite the wait. Because of the consistently long line, Fastpasses are a hot commodity and go quick. My suggestion for anyone hoping to ride along with the rest of their party would be to get Fastpasses as soon as possible during your visit. If you don’t really care about riding with others in your group, the single rider line is also a pretty great option.

Our first ride of the day was The Little Mermaid – one of my favorite dark rides because of how much it actually feels like I am entering Ariel’s world. From there we went around Paradise Pier, skipping only Jumpin’ Jellyfish and ended up at my biggest nightmare: Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

Screaming Ride

Now, I willingly admit to the world that I am afraid of heights. I don’t like flying and I hate being up high on a roof or tree or ANYTHING where I don’t feel stable. For the most part, rides don’t bug me too terribly bad because I don’t really have enough time to think about and process how high I am. In addition, I usually feel like I am strapped in pretty tight so that adds an extra sense of security. But, I can find no comfort from my fear on this ride. My father is equally as terrified of Silly Symphony Swings, so after practically forcing him to go on it with me I figured I would repay the favor. But, because it’s my crazy family everyone decided to go in the swinging gondolas. Kill. Me. Now.

I went. I conquered. I spent the entire time practice breathing, clutching a barf bag between my legs, holding on for dear life to the side of the gondola, letting sweat drip down my hands, and squeezing my eyes shut – but I DID IT. My dad made sure to laugh plenty and take pictures of my grimacing in fear, so you can be sure that magical memory will never be forgotten. After the ride of my horrifying nightmares, I was rewarded with a churro and Diet Coke which is only one of the best Disney snacks that the park has to offer.


By the time we completed Paradise Pier, it was time for our Fastpasses at Radiator Springs Racers. We marched on over to Cars Land and had a blast on the ride and going on Mater’s Junk Yard Jamboree while we were in the area. Then, we went back over to the Pacific Wharf for lunch. I got a salad in a bread bowl which just so happens to be one of the foods I had on my checklist. I LOVE the bread bowls at Disneyland and could probably have them for every meal for the rest of my life if it was an option.

After that, we went through and visited Bug’s Land. Most of the adults found a quiet and cool spot next to one of the water features in the land while a couple of adults and the littles went around and did the various rides. I think we were starting to feel the exhaustion from a couple of fun-filled days.   Continue reading

Radiator Springs Racers Review and Tips

On June of 2012, Cars Land opened in Disney’s California Adventure.  With the opening brought Disney its latest and greatest E-Ticket attraction, Radiator Springs Racers.  The land and the attraction have drawn rave reviews since opening.  It’s not much of a stretch to call this attraction the best one Disney has opened (in the USA) in a decade.  In this post, I’m going to give a review of the attraction (there will be a few spoilers) and then give a few tips on how best to experience Radiator Springs Racers.


As any good attraction does, the story for Radiator Springs Racers begins in the queue.  It may even begin on the walk to the attraction but I don’t want this post to be 3,000 words so I’m not going to go there.  In the queue, the guest has entered ‘Stanley’s Oasis’. As signs say, this is the home of the original Radiator Spring.  To get there, the line passes under two bridges, one built of steel and one made of wood representing the time that has gone by.  After passing the bridges, the water tower is easy to spot towering above guests.  Next to the water tower is the original spring, still bubbling.  As the line passes the spring, we can see how the town has grown and become a tourist destination over the years by the addition of buildings.  After going through some of the buildings that opened to accommodate the tourists we eventually end up in Stanley’s Comfy Caverns Motor Court which is a lodge Stanley has opened for people (or more likely cars) to stay in.  This is where our adventure begins.  If you want to read a little more in-depth about the story of the queue, check out this blog post.

Stanley's Oasis


RSR Comfy Caverns


Once in Comfy Caverns, it’s time to enter our car.  Our trip starts off pretty innocently as we glide through a few sites seeing the Cadillac Mountains in the backdrop and the beautiful waterfall flowing down from them.  While this might be the least exciting part to kids, this might be my favorite part.  This portion of the attraction really shows the tremendous detail that the imagineers put into the rock-work and scenery of the ride.  The music changes throughout the trip to fit the mood of what you are seeing.  It’s beautiful and really does feel like you are taking in the sites on a road trip.

Cars rock

RSR Waterfall Continue reading

Weekly Question and Round-Up (2/22/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses:

Question of the Week:  If you could be any character for a Disney Meet & Greet, which character would you be? Consider the costume you’d have to wear, the personality you’d have to portray, and the popularity of your character.

Melissa L. – I, of course, would choose to be a princess! And I would, of course, choose to be Rapunzel! Not only is she my favorite character, but she has such an outgoing personality that would be really fun to portray. I think it would be a blast to be her! I’d get to joke around with park guests and it would be great! Plus, then Andrew could be Flynn Rider!

FoF Rapunzel

Andrew – This is a hard one. Sorry Melissa, I don’t think I’m going to be Flynn Rider.  As I professed a few weeks ago, I’d love to be Sorcerer Mickey in Fantasmic! That would be kind of breaking the rules though, since he’s not in Meet & Greets, he’s in a show. So, I’m going to go with Eeyore. I would like to be an animal character because I’d rather not have to talk or show my face. I don’t think I’m very good at talking but I’m pretty good at Eeyore expressions. I love Eeyore and think he’d be a blast to portray.

Kelsee – The meet & greet character I choose is Mary Poppins. I don’t know if she is technically considered an official meet & greet character, but since the Jolly Holiday Bakery was put in, she makes frequent visits to the area. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies and I’d love to try to perfect a British accent! I also love her Victorian Jolly Holiday costume that she is always seen sporting. Although she may not be the most popular character anymore, I think I’d enjoy that compared to the constant job of a Disney princess, even though that is a close second. I guess I just would love to portray the uniqueness that is Mary Poppins and her ever-present spunk and gumption.

Leslie – I’ve been thinking about this honestly and I’m torn between Alice and Anna. They both have great and fun personalities. Little girls adore Anna though and she has more fun interactions, I think. They love to talk about Frozen and I love to talk about Frozen haha. It would never be a dull moment between adults and children.

FoF Frozen

Melissa H. – I really think that I would want to be a face character of some sort. Having researched things before (because hey, I am a nerd) I know my only character options for my height would be Alice, Tinkerbell, or Wendy. But, for the sake of this question if I could be ANY character I would want to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I have always identified with Belle because she is “odd”, has a love for reading, and has kind of sassy personality if you think about it. Plus, she is beautiful. I also really would love to be Rapunzel because I think she would be fun to play personality-wise, but I going to give her to the other Melissa.

Mary Poppins

What Disney Character would you be in the Parks?  Let us know in the comments!

A recap of the week after the jump.   Continue reading

French Market Review

The French Market is a counter-service restaurant in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square.  They serve New Orleans and Southern style of food.  They also have the Disneyland’s famous Mint Julep (non-alcoholic).  The inside of the restaurant is just a counter with no seating, as all of the seating is outside in a little courtyard.  I went to French Market on our last Disneyland trip and this is my review from then.

French Market sign

The entrance to the French Market courtyard is especially lovely if you come from the Rivers of America.  Like most of Disneyland, once the lights come on around French Market everything feels a little bit more magical.  Not to mention, it’s a little easier to eat spicier food once the day cools off.

French Market Fountain

As I entered the actual restaurant, it was more spacious than I thought it would be especially when you consider there is no seating inside.  Typically, it looked as if they ran two sides of the counter to shuffle people through faster but, as it was late, only one side was open.  I walked alongside the counter and placed my order, which was easier said than done.  I love Cajun food and everything on the menu looks pretty good.  After selecting my choices, I moved to the cashier (much like other Disneyland counter-service restaurants) and paid before sitting down outside.  As the restaurant was pretty empty, it was easy to find seating.  I picked a spot on the edge of the seating area, looking out across the river and all the people gathering for Fantasmic!

Inside French Market


I ended up choosing the Jambalaya and a Mint Julep.  I love jambalaya as a dish and this one was good but not great.  I wish there had been a little more seafood mixed in with the sausage and chicken.  Also, the sauce was pretty thick and a little bit heavy on the tomato.  With that being said, it was very good and had a nice kick to it.  It came along with the corn bread, which was moist and helped balance the dish.  All in all, I liked the dish but I’d like to try something different next time.  The price for the meal wasn’t bad considering what it was and the amount of food I received.



The Mint Julep was pretty good.  I had never tried one at Disneyland before and it just felt right to finally have one.  It was fun and I liked the initial taste but I did get a little bit tired of it by the end.  I still guzzled it down to help with the spice of the jambalaya.  All in all, the dish and drink went well with each other.

Mint Julep


Overall, I thought the ambiance of the restaurant was great.  I also enjoyed the food but it’s not something that I’ll be raving about for years.  I’m looking forward to trying something new here next visit.  It’s a relaxing place to visit in the middle of a crowded area of the park.  They also have live music here throughout the day.  I enjoy French Market and will likely be back before long.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

– Andrew



Freebies at The Disney Parks

Everyone knows that going to the Disney Parks can cost a pretty penny. It seems as though every little thing costs something at the parks and the price of the trip can add up quickly. Though this may be the general consensus on finances at the parks, there are some free perks that are welcomed with open arms. Even though they may be minuscule to some, it’s always nice to get something free or as close to free as possible.

Water – No, I’m not talking about free trips to the water fountain. Most people like to bring their own water bottles or just buy them for convenience at the closest stand. However, $3 a water bottle adds up and if you don’t have a cooler, that $3 is wasted on hot water that is not pleasant to drink. Some Disney goers do not know this, but you can ask for free ice water at any restaurant in the parks. We are not just talking about a small kid cup, most of the time they will give you a medium or a large if you ask. In my opinion, this is well deserved after all the money we are spending on our vacation. Free water is not asking for much. Also, it’s better than bottled water because it’s ice-cold, which is definitely needed in the California or Florida heat.

Water DL

Buttons – If you are celebrating a special occasion, or even if you’re not, the parks provide celebratory memento buttons that are a wonderful free keepsake. For example, my husband and I have one for our trip on our honeymoon, an anniversary trip, and our daughters first trip to the parks. I always write the date on the back so they will be a special keepsake for our family. You can find these buttons at City Hall at the entrance of both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom as well as shops like the Mad Hatter and The Emporium.

Kelsee buttons

Smashed pennies – These technically aren’t “free” but very close to it. For two quarters and a penny you can receive a unique collectors coin from multiple locations in the parks. Each coin is different from place to place and it is a fun memory and collectible item for kids and even adults. My favorite smashed penny location is at Disneyland in the castle tunnel right before you enter Fantasyland. It is an imprint of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and holds many fond memories for me and my sisters.


Park Maps – I know this may sound silly, but I have been collecting Disney Parks maps since I can remember. I love to see how they change over the years and they are also great for scrap booking. I also put the dates on the maps and highlights of the trip so I can relive the memories later on.

Disneyland map

These all may not be the most fabulous of free perks, but they are still fun and satisfying to have. With as much money as we put into our trips, I think anything free is a welcomed bonus!

– Kelsee

Leslie’s Return From Neverland: An Update on Leslie’s Life as a Cast Member

I shall preface this post with an apology; I have been absent from the blog for far too long. It has taken some settling into Disney. Where to start? What to write? Well I suppose life so far. Disney has been amazing, Traditions and Casting are pretty much like most job orientation days. I would write more about them, but preserving the magic is key and if anyone is going into the program it is a lot more exciting to not know. After this I had about five days of training, one day an overall training all cast members go through, one day was cashier training, and the last three are in your location. For me this was one day in each of my stores (I have three). Speaking of my stores they are all in Downtown Disney, which even though I am not in a park is still amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment at work.

leslie wdw entrance

My first and favorite store is D-Street which sells Marvel, StarWars, Vinylmations, and Hipster Mickey merchandise. I do not know much about Vinylmations, but the rest of the merchandise I know a bit about, and Hipster Mickey reminds me of home. Next is Candy Cauldron, the only themed store in Downtown Disney. This store clearly sells candy and is designed after the Evil Queen’s cauldron, complete with the Old Hag near the door ready to offer a beauty her apple. Finally is the Disney Quest store, which is much like a regular Disney Store, it also rents out wheelchairs and strollers.

Leslie castle

After going through training I have officially earned my ears and achieved the right to call myself a cast member. This is truly an exciting moment for me. I cannot wait to see what the Disney College Program has to offer me. What is the best part you ask? The answer is the park access. I have been to the parks 3 days so far, and each day has been amazing. From rides, to character meet and greets, and most importantly attractions.

Leslie dragon

Though I haven’t bought many souvenirs I have been to a few different restaurants. All of which have been amazing. I have even managed to go to a few new ones since I am here. Andrew would be so proud of me. In the future I will probably talk about them more in detail but for now I shall wet your appetite (and probably my own). This year I returned to Teppan Edo for another great meal, I sped through Wolfgang Puck’s Express, dined in the Rainforest Café through the storm, enjoyed a meal and a dance at Restaurant Marrakesh, and finally made it through paradise with Paradiso 37. This is certainly not the last of my foodie adventures though. On my birthday I shall be enjoying Victoria and Albert’s and cannot wait to give you all my review.

cinnamon roll leslie

For now I am simply living the CP life, going to work, enjoying the parks, and making magical memories for all the families who visit me. Who knows, maybe I shall see some of you readers some time soon!

Have a magical day! (Or night based on when you read this…)


February 2015 Disneyland Trip Report – Part 1 (Melissa H.)

Two weeks ago I was in SeaTac Airport waiting to catch my plane bound for Orange County, California.

To me, two weeks feels like an eternity.

Our trip had been in the planning process for a long time, so by the time we got to the airport, anticipation was quite high. My aunt and uncle had started the process by wanting to take their three children to Disneyland for their first trip. The rest of our family began to jump on board with the trip and before you know it, a group of 13 of us were going.

Melissa H. entering DL

About half of our family left on Wednesday afternoon and those of us who needed to go to work or school that day left several hours later. Because of our flight times, none of our family visited the parks on Wednesday. Those who left earlier spent time playing in the hotel pool and those of us who arrived later in the evening simply crawled into bed once we arrived at our hotel.

Melissa H. Carasoul

My family has a system for Disneyland Resort:
– Day one is spent completely at Disneyland,
– Day two is spent completely at California Adventure,
– And any extra days at the parks are spent revisiting our favorite rides and attractions.
Our system goes even a little deeper than that, but I will explain that in a moment.

Melissa H Mr Toad

This brings us to Day One:
We did something completely different this trip and ordered our tickets in advance through mousesavers.com. For many of our recent trips, we had gotten tickets through my father’s work, but recently the savings through that only amount to about $5.00 a person, so we decided to try another option. The way Mousesavers works is you purchase your tickets online and then pick them up at one of the ticketing booths in the esplanade area between Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. The process once we got there was fairly quick, especially since we were there super early to use our Magic Morning that came with our pass.

Melissa H Autopia

Now that my brother and I are older we usually head straight for Adventureland to hit Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye and some of the bigger rides in the park, but this trip we had some younger guests with us, so we decided to start small in Fantasyland and work our way up. Now, I enjoy trying to do every ride in the park at least once during each trip, but I get extreme stress visiting Fantasyland. It always feels extremely crowded and there are so many parents trying to wrangle young children – it is just a little overwhelming for my senses. Thanks to our Magic Morning we were able to do what we wanted in Fantasyland with a fairly small crowd compared to the norm.
After finishing up in Fantasyland we made our way over to Tomorrowland and spent some time going on rides and stopping to have lunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace and watch the Jedi Training Academy for the littles who were with us. I feel like the menu at Tomorrowland Terrace is constantly changing and evolving, but I was pleasantly surprised by the meal that I chose. I will probably end up doing a review of it at some point in the future.

Melissa H BTMR

After lunch we went to finish the rest of the rides in the park.  Quite a bit was closed during our trip (all of Critter Country, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the Matterhorn, and most of Toon Town), so it didn’t take too long for us to hit everything. We had skipped over Space Mountain earlier in the day because of the wait time, so after finishing up the other side of the park a few of us went to go ride while others went to go and have dinner in Frontierland.

At some point earlier in the day, one person in our party had gone to get Fastpasses for the showing of Fantasmic! that night, a brand new experience. We are usually the people who set up camp for good seats at around 4:30 in the afternoon, so this was… Different. I am going to admit it – I don’t like the Fastpass system for this show. Instead of diving into it and opening a can of worms, I will just say that it feels very chaotic and disorganized compared to the Fastpass system for World of Color. Fantasmic! is my absolute favorite show though, so it was totally worth it.

Melissa H Fantasmic!

When we finished with the show, we left the park since it was closing and went back to our hotel to get an early night’s sleep and get energized for Day Two.

– Melissa H.

A Snacking Guide To World Showcase

World Showcase is one of Walt Disney World’s greatest achievements.  The amount of culture and detail crammed into the eleven different pavilions is astounding (even if Frozen is on the verge of invading).  While exploring some of these wonderful pavilions, a guest gets hungry.  Very hungry.  Lucky enough, World Showcase is known for its food.  A modern-day craze (or at least it’s a fad in my head) known as ‘Snacking Around The World’, where you get a snack at each country, is well-known to Disney foodies.  So, I’m going to share what snacks look the best from each country in today’s post.  Nothing is better than strolling alongside the lagoon with a treat in your hand so let’s begin our walk (and snacking) around the world.  The menus to each restaurant are linked.

Mexico – 

Starting in Mexico is great if you are looking for something a little more substantial in your snacking.  The nachos at La Cantina de San Angel are probably the item I would go with although the empanadas look good as well.  I felt anything aside from the nachos might be considered a meal so that seemed a little bit like cheating.  As we roam inside the pyramid, a stop by La Cava del Tequila is essential if you are a fan of Margaritas.  These are much better than the frozen margaritas they serve outside. La Cava del Tequila is worth the wait.  If you are looking for something sweet in Mexico go to La Cantina de San Angel and get some churros while overlooking the lagoon.


Norway – 

Now in Norway, we’ve come to one of the high points in our snacking!  Stepping inside Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, there are many delicious treats that greet the eyes and a “Hello” with a Norwegian accent that greets your ears.  What to order here is a bit of a conundrum but I generally settle on the School Bread.  This is one of those treats that is a right of passage in Disney World.  It’s like a cream filled doughnut with coconut on top (but about 47,000 times better).  There are other fantastic options here, as well.  The Troll Horns and Waffles always look great and the Rice Cream is delicious.

School Bread and Lefse

School Bread and Lefse

China – 

As we enter China, we’ll stay close to the water and go to the Joy of Tea.  This place provides us with an interesting choice of sweet or savory.  I would usually choose savory, so I’m going to go with the egg rolls here.  I’ve had them before here and they are my favorite egg rolls in the World (not just the World Showcase).  There are a few other savory treats that look tasty.  This place also serves some interesting flavors of ice cream that generally change by the season.  There are many different varieties of tea here, in the iced, slushed, and hot varieties.  Grab a treat and go watch the Dragon Legend Acrobats perform.

Germany – 

As we enter Germany, my path might diverge from yours.  Again, I’ll go with the savory option and get the Nudel Gratin (baked macaroni and cheese) at Sommerfest.  The bratwurst or a soft-pretzel would also be a good choice but I can’t go against some macaroni and cheese.  Now, there’s another option here at Germany’s Karamelle-Kuche. This caramel shop has many different good options, all involving caramel.  Germany is also a great place to stop for a beer, as there are several good options.

Italy – 

Welcome to beautiful Italy.  For some, this might be time to go to Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar for a glass of wine and a small plate to share with your group.  I’m going to stay outside of the cellar and go get some gelato instead.  While a few scoops of gelato is a commendable choice, I instead will turn my eyes (and mouth) to the gelato-cookie sandwich.  Just like an ice cream sandwich, this is made with your choice of gelato in the center and fresh cookies on the outside.  These options are found in Gelati.

American Adventure –

We’re back in the USA!  While we could go into the Liberty Inn, I prefer to stay outside and head straight for the Funnel Cake Cart.  While the Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake is tempting, I’m just going to go with the classic powdered sugar Funnel Cake.  After this is downed, head inside to the American Adventure attraction.  Your stomach may need a break and this is a fantastic attraction with a great pre-show (The Voices of Liberty).

Japan – 

After American Adventure (and maybe a nap) it’s time for lunch or dinner in Japan.  As you ask me, “How in the world are you possibly hungry?” I just smile and turn to the counter of Katsura Grill where I order the Tonosama Combo.  This combo is teriyaki chicken, beef, and salmon.  I really enjoyed it last time I was there.  If sushi is your thing, there are plenty of good options here.  Head outside and sit by the hanging lanterns and waterfall.  There isn’t a more peaceful place in Epcot than this.

Japan view out

Morocco – 

While observing some of the beautiful architecture in Morocco and walking off the last meal, we remember that we forgot to eat dessert in Japan.  Not to worry, Morocco has us covered.  In my opinion, there are two options here.  The Tangierine Cafe has Baklava, which is a good, easy and classic choice.  If Baklava is a no go, Spice Road Table has a juice bar on the outside of it with several good and interesting ice cream options.  If for some reason you skipped the meal with me in Japan, then the Lamb Wrap or the Chicken Shawarma Platter look good at the Tangierine Cafe.

France – 

France brings us another high point on our tour.  There are too many good options here. L’Artisan des Glaces serves delicious Artisan Ice Cream.  At this place, I’m going to again forgo the classic scoop and get a macaroon ice-cream sandwich.  The ice cream is refreshing and the macaroons are soft and delicious.  The Croque Glace is another interesting option.  It’s a scoop of ice cream inside of a warm brioche with chocolate or raspberry sauce.  I might just get that and the macaroon sandwich.  Now, if those options somehow aren’t good enough for you head over to Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie for a sweet or savory treat.  There’s a great selection of French pastries and whenever that happens, I can’t go against the classic Eclair.  After all of these near-impossible decisions, go reward yourself by watching Impressions de France.  It’s a beautiful film.


United Kingdom – 

After the different options of France, we’re both ready for a straight-ahead answer and the United Kingdom offers that to us.  Get the fish and chips.  It’s that simple.  Some people love this dish from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, some people don’t love it but it’s nearly the only option here at a counter-service restaurant.

Canada – 

We end our tour with a bit of a let-down.  Canada has popcorn as about our only option for a snack.  I like popcorn but after everything we went through, this seems like a sad way to end.  Oh well, eat the popcorn.  Next time we’ll start in Canada.  Grab a beer here too if you are thirsty. Not only do I have you almost throwing-up, I also have you buzzed!

We’ve completed our snacking around the world adventure!  If anyone has completed this or has a favorite snack or treat that I left off, please let us know in the comments.  Thank you for reading!

– Andrew