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Be Our Guest – Lunch Review

Much has been made about Magic Kingdom’s recent New Fantasyland Expansion.  The project included several new rides, a few rides moving spots, and two food locations.  While the figurative, and literal, center of the expansion was the Seven Dwarfs Mine train, I think there’s an argument to be made that the Be Our Guest Restaurant is the crown jewel of the expansion.  We’ll save that post for another day!  For now, let’s review a meal I recently had at Be Our Guest.

Be Our guest castle

Be Our Guest is a one of a kind restaurant in Disney World in that it serves counter-service meals at lunch and table-service meals at dinner.  It looks as if they’ll be serving table-service breakfast soon, as well.  Counter-service means that you order up front and then take your seat (and it’s generally a lot cheaper), table-service is a sit-down meal like you’d get at a nicer restaurant.  I’ve only been to Be Our Guest for lunch (twice) so I’ll be reviewing that.  Dinner is on the to-do list!

If you’re staying on Disney World property, most people have been given the opportunity to make a Fastpass+ Reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest.  If given this option, I highly recommend doing that.  They’ll walk you through the process via email.  If that’s not an option, Be Our Guest has been trying out different ways to accommodate their huge demand.  Don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line for a while.


Waiting in line isn’t fun, but if it has to be done this restaurant isn’t a bad place to do it.  The restaurant is modeled after Beast’s Castle, which is built up on rocks with running waterfalls coming down them.  Entering the restaurant requires walking over a bridge that’s above a stream.  There are gargoyles on the sides of the bridge.  It’s really quite incredible and just a prelude to the detail found inside.

For lunch, you order at a computer after a short line inside.  We were handed a plastic rose by a cast member and then moved on to the computer where you’ll place your order.  Some fancy technology sync the rose to your order.  The rose tracks your location so then a cast member will be able to find you once the food is ready.  From there, it’s time to find a table!  There are three major options on where to sit.  Just like in Beast’s Castle, you can sit in the ballroom, the rose gallery or the west wing.  Each of these rooms are incredibly themed and well done.  We decided to sit in the west wing on this occasion.

West Wing Rose

The west wing is much darker than the other two rooms.  On occasion, lightning flashes in the room and thunder crackles.  Somehow, this isn’t overly distracting during the meal.  The volume and lighting are just quiet and bright enough to where it doesn’t affect eating.  The real attention-grabber of this room is the rose on display in the corner (pictured above).  If you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast, you know the west wing holds the all-important rose.  If you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, go buy it and you might as well pick up the soundtrack while you’re at it.  The rose is recreated in this room and it truly immerses you and puts you in the film.

We sat down after we filled up our drinks and before long our food had arrived.    We were on the Disney Dining Plan on this trip (which includes an entree, a dessert and a drink) so our entrees and desserts came out all at once.

As far as menu choices (which you can find here) there are several sandwiches and salads available.  There is also Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin style).  Naturally, I went for the item that was meat.

The slow-cooked Braised Pork is served on top of mashed potatoes and green beans.  The meat was incredibly juicy, as slow-cooked meat generally is.  The flavor was fantastic on the pork.  The green beans were fresh and fantastic.  The mashed potatoes matched the dish well as they soaked in the sauce from the meat.  My mouth is watering.

Braised Pork

Melissa ordered the carved turkey sandwich and she enjoyed it.  I liked my entree better than hers but we both enjoyed her fries.  In the past, I’ve had the carved roast beef sandwich.  It was also good but I prefer the Braised Pork.

Turkey Sandwich

Of course, the meal wasn’t over.  Dessert had to be eaten!  While it was tempting to order the cupcake that was topped with ‘The Grey Stuff’ (because I’m sure it’s delicious nope, we made that joke 2 days ago oh what the heck, I’ve heard it’s delicious!), I ended up going with the Lemon – Raspberry Cream Puff.

Lemon - Raspberry

The fruit on this didn’t do a lot for me but the lemon filling of the pastry was fantastic.  The pastry itself was warm, soft, and tasty.  I really enjoyed the dessert as a whole.

Lemon cream

On our way out, we stopped by each room to take pictures and take in all of the details.  There are lots of interesting items to look at outside of the restaurant, as well.  Take your time while leaving, you won’t regret it.


Be Our Guest is the best counter-service meal I’ve had in the Magic Kingdom.  It may be the best counter-service meal I’ve had on Disney property anywhere.  The food is a decent price (between $10-$15), of high quality and the atmosphere is phenomenal.

Restaurant Rating:  10/10

– Andrew


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